How a BUSINESS being accomplished

 01 Communication

 The customer comes with an idea and shares us about their perception.

 02 Discussion

Decision making towards the production means, materials using, processing tools, packing and delivery method.


Predicting restrictions according to our experience and prepare several plans for reaction.

 04 Approving

 Carry out tentative planning.


05 Optimization

Production evaluation, technology amelioration, and error elimination.

Carry out maintenance of the mould if necessary throughout its life cycle.

 06 Production

Start production on stage 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

 07 Processing

Vacuum plating and ultraviolet cure coating.

 08 Quality Checking & Packing

We aim at producing precise, defect-free products.

 09 Final confirmation

Notice customer and discuss for the delivery date and destination.

 10 Delivery

Product delivery by our professional logistic team.