-Plastic Injection-

Plastic Injection

Manufacturing capabilities - Plastic Sector

An injection area of 300 m²   

15 injectors from 300 to 1000 Tons 

Horizontal injection machines 
- General plastic (PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, PVC, PMMA, etc.) 
- Engineering plastic (POM, PA6, PA66, PC, PBT) 
- High-performance engineering plastic (PPS, PES, PEI) 
- Alloy (PC+ABS, PC+PBT)
Equipped with manipulators & peripheral equipment 
Auxiliary machinery, mold heater machine, plastic granulator, vertical screw mixer, hopper dryers, conveyor belts, etc. 

Manufacturing capabilities - BMC Sector 

 Weight: Minimum 10 to maximum of 1000 grams 

Series: Customer-oriented 

Materials: BMC with grey/black color

Productivity: 3 shifts/24 hrs, ~400000 pcs/month

Human Resources 

BMC & Plastic are separately managed 

33 workers under 4 representatives 

2 engineers & 2 technicians responsible for molds arrangement & goods follow-up 

Mold Region

Cohesive Delivery 

The systematic arrangement with technical assistance 

A large storage area that is classified in 4 sectors 

Permanently cooperation workshop for the mold construction and maintenance

Cold resistant/ High rigidity/ Shock proof/  Suitable for plating / High thermal conductivity/ Antistatic / Heat resistant/ UV resistant/ firefroof